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The same but different

The Bighorn River- Most folks have heard of the Bighorn River in Montana but not in Thermopolis Wyoming. Although they are technically they are the same River but they are very different stretches of river. The lucky few that do know about The Bighorn River know that it officially begins below the Wind River Canyon at whats Called "Wedding of the Waters." It is at this spot the name of the river changes from the Wind River to the Bighorn. It is Also the place where you'll find the first official boat launch and the beginning of a fantastic day on the water!

According to one of our regulars -

"I don't know where a guy could and find better"- Kirk Tolman This river has it all, fast water, slow water, deep holes and shallow riffles, small pockets to long runs, Browns, Rainbows, Cutthroats, Carp, Whitefish, Walley, Sauger and countless memories!"


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